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Handcrafted Pampapato / Pampepato

Pampapato / Pampepato - Typical Sweet


Dolciaria Tina produces the typical sweet  “Pampapato”  and  “Certosino”  since more than 30 years. We are a leader company of these products in our land with our skilled craftmanship.

The long study and research allows us to use only natural and genuine ingredients, so that the products result in a unique flavour, cultivated tastes and originality. 

In our laboratory, the manufacturing process of the products takes care of any little detail, in order to obtain best product possible.

All steps needed to create our specialities are completely carried on by hand, followed by our best  traditional craftsmanship and thanks to our qualify personnel we can realize the best production in every single step, packaging included. We realize it by hand too, so that our sweets specialities becomes a special value for all times.

Everybody immediately falls in love with our sweets, following the taste of the fragrance, the shape, the delicious tasty chocolate that covers them.

“Pampapato” and “Certosino” represent the best Quality / Price ratio.

To try a special sensation,  we suggest you to try it as soon as possible !

Many thanks for your attention !

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