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About Us

DOLCIARIA TINA on the market for over 30 years , manufactures and develops products based chocolate confectionery craft

In January 2006 the company was taken over by ( members and spouses ), Raffaele Bulgarelli and Maria Luisa Mantovani . From now on DOLCIARIA TINA is implemented a major restructuring plan in technology and marketing , designed to bring the company to develop their potential. On the one hand to improve and optimize its important range of production , on the other allow the company to be known in a widespread manner , both at the Provincial , Regional and National and European level.

DOLCIARIA TINA Today , thanks to the efforts of recent years , is a company established and known throughout the national territory and can boast of having taken the first steps for an important international trade. DOLCIARIA TINA is known for importance of the product , quality present in every single sweet packaging . Our "mission " is to understand the needs of our " old" and new customers and to treat each of our product to meet all their personal needs.

The need and the " satisfaction " to satisfy the ever- growing customer base , and our most loyal estimators , prompts us to improve year after year and you work together to expand our product range. All this thanks to a close-knit staff of highly skilled employees and professional. Our success is due to the attentive processing techniques, the careful selection of raw materials and the use of natural and genuine products .

Specifically DOLCIARIA TINA produces baked desserts such as pampapato and Carthusian , a wide range of chocolate ( Milk White , Dark ) , using only pure cocoa butter . A range of delicious pralines , Covered and Candied Fruit Hazelnut , Almond and Hazelnut Brittle . Original proposals Baskets for Christmas and Easter celebrations , and of course for this last occurrence , a vast range of confectionery Easter Eggs Tina has a cozy and renovated Factory Outlet , within which, our loyal customers estimators can find the complete range of products developed by us . Within the same you become aware of the trail of chocolate making and especially for all gourmets is possible thanks to the special area dedicated to wine tasting , taste in addition to our renowned chocolate, all the " classic sweets " , as well as new seasonal production proposed by our laboratory Artisan .
Let's list some products of our rich production sample :

The " Baked cakes "

the Carthusian and pampapato Chocolate , which represent the typical sweet Ferrarese for excellence, but tasty and extremely pleasant , suitable for any palate.

The " Easter Eggs "

made with chocolate "OGM FREE " Fine Milk ( 28.6% cocoa min.) , Extra Dark Chocolate ( 55.1 % min. , and 70% min.) . Chocolate produced using only pure cocoa butter .

The " Bars "

chocolate ( "GMO FREE " Fine Milk ( 28.6% cocoa min.) , Extra Dark Chocolate ( 55.1 % min. , and 70% min.) , with Hazel , with Crispy Rice , with Cereal and Fruit stabilized .

The " Praline "

assorted ( with stuffing Artisan personalized). The peels of candied fruit covered with chocolate fudge Extra.

The " Crispy assorted"

product with dried fruit of the highest quality , carefully selected and monitored .

The "Gift Baskets "

for the traditional Christmas and Easter celebrations . Extremely imaginative , elegant and original .

The "Forms in Sugar "

product recalls and revives even today in all people , the sweet moments of the past.

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